Web skimming led US Transport Authority to shut down its online store. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transport Authority (SEPTA) recently faced a data skimming Magecart attack where data of 761 customers was stolen. The company took prompt action and axed the online store, Shop.SEPTA.org.  According to SEPTA’s spokesperson, the transport authority company partnered with the store to offer online ticket purchases along with SEPTA mugs and T-shirts. The company was concerned about the future security of customers’ data and since the SEPTA swag wasn’t heavily used, the decision of shutting down the online store seemed apt. 

When and How did SEPTA face data skimming?

SEPTA witnessed the attack during an online shopping spree when hackers started data skimming customer’s credit card numbers and their contact details. The whole scenario of malware attack first took place on July 16th when a customer received a warning against malware while browsing the website. The company took a two-month time lag to gather accurate information with a proper investigation involving the FBI and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. 

An image of malware attack

It notified all affected customers about the data breach on September 5th after SEPTA became confident of the attack with proper reporting protocols. Later, the US transport authority revealed about the permanent closure of the online store. The intention of this big step was to prevent any sort of future malware virus attack to avoid any more card skimming practice.  This recent incident has become one of the examples of malware attacks now!

How to prevent malware attack? 

Web skimming cyber-attack like Magecart attack is one of the types of malware attacks that are yet to be acknowledged by people across the globe. Many companies have become a target for cyber-attacks due to their cybersecurity vulnerabilities. According to a survey report, malware attacks in India also increased up to 25% in first six months of 2019.

Employees are the weakest link in an organization when it comes to cybersecurity. To overcome this problem and have malware attack prevention, end to end cybersecurity companies like Kratikal offer one-stop solution tools for reducing cyber risks. 

Kratikal provides information security awareness tools to impart knowledge regarding the latest and diverse cyber-attacks. Our product ThreatCop is a tremendous tool that offers vulnerability measures of employees in the organization. This security awareness and simulation tool provides an assessment of real-time security vulnerability of the organization to reduce cyber risks up to 90%. 

We promise to decrease the rate of cyber-attack vectors like smishing, phishing attacks, ransomware, Vishing, etc. in the organization. Our motive is to aware employees in becoming defensive against cyber-attacks in the organizations by creating awareness amongst them through simulation and awareness cycle. 

By Pallavi Dutta

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