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CERT-In Security Audit

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Overview: CERT-In Security Audit

CERT-In has been operational since January 2004. CERT-In Empanelled, which stands for Computer Emergency Responses Team - India, is the main central team in charge of all computer security-related issues in India. It is a government program to address unforeseen problems in the information security industry. The national organization CERT-In is charged with carrying out a number of tasks related to cyber security, including gathering and disseminating data on cyber incidents, forecasting and notifying of cyber incidents, managing the emergency response, and publishing guidelines, advisories, and vulnerability notes.


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology oversees the group known as CERT-In. The Indian CERT offers incident prevention, response, and security quality management services, just like any other country's CERT. The responsibility for providing defense against cyber security threats falls on the information security specialists that make up the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) panel. The group of experts also has the responsibility of keeping an eye out for cyberattacks on the internet and responding appropriately to them.

Why do Organizations Need It?

By gathering, evaluating, and sharing data on cyber incidents, CERT-In Empanelled complies with the obligations outlined in section 70B of the Acts to support Indian internet users in putting precautionary measures in place to limit the risk of cyber security incidents.

  • Information gathering, analysis, and distribution regarding cyber events.

  • Responding to urgent cyber security circumstances.

  • Forecasts and alerts of responding to cyber incidents.

  • Such cybersecurity-related incidents may be required.

  • Releasing guidelines, cautions, vulnerability notes, and white papers for cyber incidents.

Kratikal Is Now Empanelled By CERT-In

Kratikal provides a complete suite of Customizable Security Auditing Services.

Our Approach

In this stage, the organization is expected to present a variety of documents, including a certificate of background verification, a consent form, prior audit reports, and more.



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What is CERT-In?

    Government-mandated entity for information technology security, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team. CERT-In was established with the goals of responding to occurrences involving computer security, disclosing flaws, and advancing good IT security practices all across the nation.

    A team of information security experts called a Computer Emergency Response Team is required to safeguard against, identify, and address any cybersecurity issues that may affect an organization.

    Any compromise, breach, attempt, security vulnerability, violation of security rules or guidelines, leak, or unauthorized access to data or systems must be reported to CERT-In as soon as it is discovered.

    The organization in charge of CERT-In is the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The Information Technology (Amendment) Act of 2008 designated CERT-In as the nation's agency for cyber security and recognized it as a statutory organization.

    CERT leaders and members can respond more effectively and deliberately when there is an organizational framework in place. A management structure and accountability system help to ensure the safety of the team. The management of information, communication, and activity documentation are all enhanced by the organization.