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Cyber Crisis Management Plan

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Cyber Crisis Management Plan (CCMP)

A Cyber Crisis Management Plan is a comprehensive strategy that directs an organization's response to cyber incidents or data breaches. It outlines step-by-step procedures, roles, and responsibilities of key personnel for effectively handling various cyber threats, such as malware infections or unauthorized access. The goal is to mitigate the impact, minimize damage, and swiftly recover normal operations. This plan covers incident identification, containment, forensic investigation, stakeholder communication, and recovery measures. A well-prepared strategy is vital for responding swiftly, protecting data and reputation, and ensuring business continuity.


The cyber crisis management plan follows a structured approach encompassing various essential steps. It commences with assessing risks and identifying potential crisis scenarios. Additionally, the plan outlines roles, responsibilities, and communication strategies. In times of crisis, urgent actions such as containment and mobilization of response teams are crucial.

Why Choose Us?

As a prominent cyber security solutions provider in India, Kratikal prioritizes a client-centric approach and commits to implementing top-tier practices for organizations. Our strategy revolves around enhancing our clients' capacity to execute cyber crisis management plans by delivering comprehensive solutions and ensuring compliance.

Our Expertise

Our team comprises certified cybersecurity compliance experts with extensive experience in leading SIEM, network monitoring, and data loss prevention tools. Collaborating with organizations across diverse industries, our experts specialize in standard, industry-specific, and regulatory compliance. Kratikal's compliance implementers and auditors are proficient in international IT frameworks, ensuring tailored and optimized solutions for your organization.

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Why do organization need it?

A cyber crisis management plan is essential for organizations to effectively respond to security incidents and minimize their impact:

  • Cyber crisis management plan reduces the impact of security incidents.

  • The Plan improves incident response times, crucial for swift action during crisis.

  • Prevents threat spread, reducing damage, production halts, and reputational harm.

  • Effective containment lowers costs related to fines and legal fees.

  • Swift response enhances organizational reputation.

  • Facilitates implementation of compliance by ensuring prompt breach notifications.

Our Approach

This is part of an enterprise resilience program that identifies critical business services to inform planning for potential disruptions. By understanding the organization's cyber response capabilities and critical services, Kratikal enhances resilience and preparedness for cyber incidents and disruptions.

At this stage, we will create policies for the client's organization that are in accordance with the ISO27001 guidelines/framework and are relevant to ISMS. ISO27001 policies include the following: Data Retention Policy, Data Protection Policy, Information Security Policy, and Access Control Policy.

An ISO 27001 Gap Analysis is also referred to as a Compliance Examination or Pre-Assessment. The Gap Analysis evaluates the organization's current level of Standard compliance as well as the scope of its ISMS parameters across all business functions. It gives businesses the information they need, as well as recommendations for controls that may need to be implemented to close gaps.

Following the development of policies in order to put the ISMS into action. This helps us determine the relevance and importance of information security in the business. The first step in implementing ISMS is to create a scope and security policy statement. The results of these assessments are used to categorize the risks into different risk levels, allowing the client to take appropriate action.

We will proceed to get your organization ISO27001 certified after we have completed all of the preceding steps. This will entail a thorough examination of your organization's ISMS to ensure that it meets the requirements of the standard. Audits are performed to gather information about the client and the organization that can be used to highlight areas that may require special attention.

Finally, we'll assist you with the ISO 27001 certification process. This entails a thorough understanding of the various documentation requirements as well as implementation validation.


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What is cyber crisis management plan?

    Cyber crisis management plan creates a strategic framework and provides direction for preparing and initiating recovery from cyber incidents.

    The components of CCMP include maintaining situational awareness, coordinating responses, and managing public communications.

    The purpose of CCMP is to prevent and navigate unexpected crisis effectively. Cyber crisis management plan is an essential blueprint for companies during emergencies, enabling swift response and preparedness.