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Kratikal aims to aid all the startups that intend to stand high in their industries by making them compliant with competitive prices. Fill out the form to join us and reach our compliance experts and auditors to ensure adherence to standard and regulatory compliance as per your business niche.


Empowering Business with Cyber Security Compliance

Thorough Compliance Audits


Exclusive Cyber Security Information

Kratikal’s Value Proposition

Standardized Compliance Platform Pricing

*Terms and conditions apply

Standardized Compliance Platform Pricing

*Terms and conditions apply

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Benefits of Joining Kratikal for Startups


Compliance is the foundation of every business and Kratikal has taken the responsibility to provide all the support an entrepreneur needs to strengthen their business’s cyber security posture.

Favor for Price

Relying on Kratikal for compliance audits saves a bunch of dollars while safeguarding businesses from non-compliance penalties, data breaches, etc.

Favor for Time

When you opt for Kratikal as your security partner, robustness and efficiency eventually come by your side, which proves a favor for the price.

Favor for Efforts

You focus on growing your business and off-shoulder your compliance responsibilities to us. Kratikal is a renowned name in the field of cybersecurity.

Kratikal for Startups- Offerings

Designed for Startups

Kratikal for startups will be your ship to board your enterprise and sail through toward success. Get assistance in an enterprise-level compliance audit and expert advisory – so your business can confidently bag more leads, increase revenue, and grow into the industry.


How to Start

how responsive

What to Expect?

Take advantage of the professional guidance and affordable services offered by our qualified security professional.

expert advice
expert advice
What more to expect

What's More to Expect

What more to expect

By choosing Kratikal as your compliance auditor, you can save money as we offer our services at reasonable rates.

  • Full-fledged Processes
  • Free Consultation
  • Variety of Compliance
  • Customized Service
  • Information Security Training
  • Well-developed Strategy

Ensure the security of your business:
 Unlock new possibilities

Kratikal is designed to simplify compliance processes, enhance efficiency, and unlock new opportunities. For businesses, regardless of their growth rate. By utilizing Kratikal's compliance services, you can easily demonstrate strong data security practices, monitor compliance needs, and handle security due diligence.

Connected Security

Foster a security-first culture from the start with Kratikal. Accelerate development with Kratikal’s compliance services.

Experience Rapid Growth

Kratikal offers continuous entity monitoring capabilities that offer seamless integration of processes, policies, and technology into your business with top-notch data security.

Easy to Scale

Easy to adapt and implement compliance frameworks as you expand into new markets. Now you can seamlessly layer on compliance and activate relevant programs with a simple click.



Precision Pyramid Private Limited obtained the SOC2 Type 2 report for its services, and the Kratikal team members were very helpful in providing the right direction on how to gather proof from systems, applications, servers, and databases. The Kratikal team promptly delivered the report as agreed upon at the project's outset, finished the audit procedure, and supplied the SOC2 Type 2 CPA attested report with applied controls and pertinent evidence control activities. Thank you to the Kratikal team, in particular Nikunj and Vishal, for the timely report

Chandan Kumar
Technology Risks and Governance Lead Precision Pyramid
partner handshake
partner handshake

Join hands with Kratikal

Enrol with Kratikal and access compliance credits for your Portfolio Companies.

Trust = Compliance

Trust = Compliance

Empower your business to excel, secure enterprise deals and thrive in the market with compliance. Enhance security and achieve enterprise readiness with Kratikal.

Eligibility Criteria

Designed for tech startups with a team of minimum 10 employees

Raised funds Upto 1 Mn USD

ARR below 0.5 Mn USD

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Write to us at with subject “Kratikal for Startups”


What is Kratikal for Startups?

    Kratikal for Startups offers comprehensive security compliance services. It aims to streamline the complex process of adhering to security standards, particularly suited for businesses seeking efficiency without excessive resource utilization or financial capital.

    Tech startups with a minimum of 10 employees can apply at Kratikal. Eligible startups must have secured funding below 1 Mn USD, an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) below 0.5 Mn USD, and not have previously engaged with Kratikal.

  • Kratikal gives tech startups 4 big benefits
  • • Improves the safety and efficiency of the organization.
  • • Create the policies and procedures to remain updated with the constantly evolving threats.
  • • Establishes a strong risk management framework.
  • • Recognizing and addressing risks within the business.
  • • Check your eligibility.
  • • Select “Apply” to complete a brief form with your company information.
  • • You will receive further information in your inbox regarding the next steps.
  • • Tech startups that meet the eligibility criteria and have not yet achieved SOC2/ISO27001 compliance, but are interested in becoming compliant with these frameworks, can enrol with Kratikal.
  • • Tech startups that are eligible and already compliant with SOC2/ISO27001 through another vendor, but want to switch can also sign up with Kratikal.

    If you provide false or incorrect information regarding your eligibility for Kratikal compliance services, as mentioned above, it could be considered a significant violation of the Terms of Service. This violation may lead to the termination of your subscription agreement and the removal of any discounts applied to your purchase. Additionally, you may be obligated to repay Kratikal for any discounts that were granted based on the false representation of your company's eligibility.