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Web & Mobile Pentesting Tool

Ultimate Vulnerability Management Tool

A holistic approach to manage the vulnerabilities with our pentesting tool, beyond just identifying them!

  • View: Real-Time Vulnerability

  • Continuous Testing & Tracking

  • Password-Protected Report Download

  • Personalized Analytic Dashboard For Every User

Client-Approved Excellence: Trusted by Industry Leaders!

Securing Your Digital Data With Industry's Best Security Standards

Mitigate Vulnerabilities With AutoSecT’s Comprehensive Pentest

Web Pentesting

Proactively identify and manage vulnerabilities in your web applications with AutoSecT's web pentest tool.


Mobile Pentesting

Expose vulnerabilities before they become exploits. Identify and manage risks in your mobile apps with AutoSecT's mobile pentest tool.


Cloud Pentesting

Proactively address cloud security threats to keep your data safe.


IT Infra / Network Pentesting

Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities within your network infrastructure.


Forget Slow Scans, AutoSecT Delivers Results 10x Faster


Minimize Business Risks With The #1 Vulnerability Management Tool


Applications Secured


Vulnerabilities Detected


Weeks of Security Testing Experience


Test Cases

Strengthen Your Security in 3 Simple Steps

  • Initialization & Configuration

    Specify the target system, and applications to be tested.

  • Automated Scanning & Pentesting

    AutoSecT performs automated vulnerability scans and pentesting on the specified targets.

  • Analysis & Reporting

    Review scan results and penetration test findings, prioritizing vulnerabilities with password-protected reports.


Explore the Capabilities of AutoSecT

AutoSecT distinguishes itself from its competitors through several innovative and user-centric features, aimed at providing an efficient, and adaptable pentest tool.

Workspace and Project Sharing

Enable users or team members to share workspaces and projects.


Periodic Automated Scanning

Experience uninterrupted security with our automated tool to secure your applications (web, mobile) from vulnerabilities.


Automated Management of Assets

Track and manage the information about all the assets within the organization, ensuring a comprehensive view of the attack surface.


Role-Based Access

Streamline workflow with our comprehensive workspace, where users have the access necessary for their specific tasks, optimizing both security and productivity.


Personalized Analytic Dashboard

Individualized insights for every user, with an analytical visual experience.


Multi Scan Type - Advance, Quick, Light

Customize your scanning approach with multiple vulnerability scanning types – advance for detailed analysis, quick for finding common vulnerabilities, and light for fast & effective scan.


Diverse Report Formats

Reports come in versatile formats (PDF, Excel), offering communication flexibility and clarity.


Password Protected Report Download

Obtain vulnerability insights with password-protected real-time report downloads, facilitating swift decision-making for penetration testing.


Multi - Integration System

Boost team collaboration with our multi-integration system for easy communication and better workflow efficiency.


Make the first move towards Vulnerability Management with AutoSecT.


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Secure It All With The Right Pentest Tool

Let’s Go Beyond the Traditional Methods Proactively to Protect Company’s Digital Assets. With AutoSecT,

  • Digital assets are comprehensively secured.

  • Overlooking vulnerabilities may open doors to attackers; our commitment is to significantly reduce this risk.

  • Experience a collaborative and inclusive cybersecurity ecosystem.




Working with Kratikal's team was a great experience. Professionalism, competence, and efficiency characterize the group. They had gone through all of our modules in detail and made suggestions on how to fill up the gaps. In the future, I will use their services.


Our experience with Kratikal’s Web Application Penetration Test was tremendously successful. Not only were our tests facilitated faster than we anticipated, but we were also given a thoroughly detailed and easy-to-understand report, which assisted us in instantaneously rectifying the detected issues with our products.


Kratikal proved to be a reliable partner for our project, with reasonable pricing for startups. Throughout the process, the audit team remained responsive. They thoroughly examined all of our modules and provided us with recommendations for filling up the gaps. We were pleased with the service and would recommend it to others.


This is to certify M/s Kratikal Tech Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged to perform a GAP assessment related to Cyber Security Frame as per the RBI Notification. They have conducted the GAP assessment and submitted the reports to Bank as per the appointment letter. We appreciate the team Kratikal for the smooth conduct of the assignment.


Ontic technologies has collaborated with Kratikal for periodic annual VAPT assessments since 2020. After a detailed review of the requirements, they align their best team to fulfill the project needs and always complete them before the agreed timelines.The insights and findings provided in the final reports are very detailed and helped us to quickly remediate the security vulnerabilities making our software the most secure.

Discover All Threats of Your Web and Mobile Apps at Lightning Speed with AutoSecT!


What makes AutoSecT different from other security tools?

    AutoSecT stands out with its advanced features, including better risk assessment, digital security of reports with password protection, and multi-scan support for enhanced security.

    Absolutely! AutoSecT is designed to be adaptable, allowing organizations to tailor its features to meet their unique vulnerability management requirements.

    Yes, AutoSecT is suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering a comprehensive solution to secure digital assets, regardless of the company being an SME or an enterprise.

    Kratikal, a trusted name in the cybersecurity industry, ensures the highest standards of security and reliability for AutoSecT through continuous testing, and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

    Organizations across various industries seeking the right tool to enhance their cybersecurity posture for vulnerability scanning and better asset management can benefit from AutoSecT. External vendors, partners, or service providers integrated into your organization's ecosystem can also benefit from AutoSecT, fostering a secure collaborative environment.