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Media coverage and Cyber Security Navigating the Risks.

Kratikal was incubated under the Ministry of Telecom and won the Jury Choice Award at Nasscom Product Conclave in 2018.

Simulating Cyber Threats to Protect Enterprise Assets.


Security News and Articles

Top Cyber Security Consultant in India

Check out our list of the best cybersecurity consulting companies to choose a partner that can secure your company and prevent data breaches...

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Cost of Data Breach Study in India

The average total cost of a data breach paid by Indian companies increased by 9.5%, while the per capita cost increased by 8.7%...

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Ways to Save Data from Ransomware

Mr Gulshan Rai, Nation Cyber Security Advisor claimed 100 systems were attacked in India including Police and Health department computers of various states...

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Kratikal Raised Seed Funding $500,000

Cybersecurity market to grow from $122.45 billion in 2016 to $202.36 billion by 2021, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10.6%...

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Cyber Security a Necessity of the Future

According to Amajit Gupta, with the digital age team Kratikal will be a leader in securing the Internet space for everyone...

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Cyber Security Startups with Innovative Ideas

NASSCOM’s Data Security Council of India (DSCI) chose 9 startups for the Most Innovative...

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Ethical Hacking Workshop for Hackers

The basic aim is to educate young and enthusiastic students in the field of Ethical Hacking and they can secure themselves, their friends in turn securing the nation.

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Simulating cyber threats to protect enterprise assets

A phishing attack in college led to Pavan Kushwaha start a cybersecurity company. Today, his suite of solutions is aimed at protecting enterprises.

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AlphaGamma Startups Overview

A monthly overview held in February 2017 that attempts to identify promising startups that have the potential to make a difference in their industries.

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ANI - South Asia MultiMedia News Agency

Kratikal Academy on Saturday announced its partnership with Telecom Centre of Excellence (TCoE), an initiative by the Department...

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TCoE Partner to Catalyze Cyber Security

By 2019, there could be a six million-person shortage of cyber security professionals worldwide, and by 2021, there could...

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Kratikal Academy’s Partnership with (TCoE)

In 2015, up to USD 450 billion worth of business losses were incurred throughout the globe according to...

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Push for Blockchain and Cyber Tech

"Promoting blockchain will mean that KYC and digital identity management will get smarter and more secure, a big step in building digital assets of the country."

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New Ransomware Christened “WannaCry”

“WannaCry” was found to be propagating through a Windows SMB vulnerability affecting all versions of Windows. The targets...

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