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Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Advanced Root Cause Analysis service will protect your organization from cyber risks. 

Overview: Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis (RCA) stands out as a robust approach for pinpointing and resolving business issues by identifying underlying inefficiencies or flaws and implementing corrective measures to prevent issue recurrence. It is highly valuable across industries such as oil and gas, engineering, healthcare, aviation, and IT operations, aiming to isolate seemingly minor mistakes that can lead to or worsen major issues.


In response to a cyberattack, conducting a thorough root cause analysis is crucial. This involves systematically investigating the incident, identifying the causes and vulnerabilities that led to the attack.

Obtaining detailed records and documentation related to the condition is part of the record-keeping process. This includes understanding its significance, providing evidence of its presence, and much more.

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Why is it important to perform root cause analysis in an organization?

    It is significant in an organization as it enables the identification of the causes behind problems. This proactive approach not only aids in preventing future occurrences of problems but also enhances overall efficiency and effectiveness

    RCA is the process to identify the problems and implement effective solutions. It emphasizes on preventing issues at their source rather than addressing surface-level symptoms, using various principles and techniques

    The duration of incident investigation and RCA varies based on factors such as the investigation's scope and the incident's complexity. At Kratikal, we prioritize swift and efficient processes to pinpoint the incident's root cause and implement preventive measures against future occurrences.

    RCA assists organizations in identifying the root cause of the attack and implementing the solutions to prevent it from happening again. This improves the organization's productivity effectively.