Imagine what kind of a nightmare it would be to see your most valuable data encrypted into some gibberish! This what ransomware attack does to your precious data.

Ransomware is a malicious software that encrypts your files into complete gibberish. In order to return user’s data back in its original form, the attacker demands for ransom(pay-off) from the victim. One may have to pay more than a thousand dollars to cyber-criminals in bitcoin to get back the decryption key. Ransomware attack is widely sub-divided into various types and have affected number of organizations around the world, costing them million dollars for damages.

Many companies have opted harmony over revolt by paying off to attackers so just to have their data restored. But can you expect the grass to be greener on the other side as well?

This action not only empowers cyber-criminals but also has made ransomware attacks well-paid cyber weapons. In fact, many merciless attackers keep user’s data hostage even after getting paid for the attack.

Talking about the world’s most popular attacks, here is a list of recent popular ransomware attack:


1. Cerber

Cerber is one of the most active ransomware that encrypts the data file of infected users. In return, this ransomware demands for payment to give the access back to the users. The worrisome fact about Cerber ransomware is that it encrypts file in offline mode.


2. WannaCry

Known for being the worst ransomware attack in the history of cyber-attacks, WannaCry exploits windows of the computer. This ransomware spreads rapidly via over number of computer networks and encrypts files on the hard drive of the computer. WannaCry makes it impossible for the user to access files and demand for ransom payment for decrypting them.

Ransomware attacks in 2019


3. Ryuk

Occurred in 2018 and 2019, the Ryuk ransomware attack is infamous for disabling the Windows System Restore option on virus infected system. Through this step, it makes difficult for the users to regain the encrypted data without paying the demanded ransom.


4. LockerGoga

LockerGoga has been infecting numerous industrial as well as manufacturing firms which caused massive in early 2019. LockerGoga logs off the users and then relocate itself into “temp” to rename itself, using the command line (cmd). It doesn’t carry file paths of the targeted files for encryption.


5. Jigsaw

Jigsaw ransomware attack encrypts user’s files and deletes them progressively. Like a time-bomb, this ransomware alerts the victim with deadline of 24 hours for paying the ransom of 150 USD. With every ticking hour, it starts deleting files if the user fails to meet the deadline and shutting down computer would land you in big trouble of loss of data!


How to Prevent Ransomware attack?

Apart from above-mentioned ransomware attacks, there are various other such types of cyber-attacks. These can not only harm your data but also entire computer device in a blink. In order to prevent and detect ransomware attacks, it is important to have proper cyber-security awareness. Kratikal, a nation-leading end to end cyber-security solutions providing firm offers best tools and security testing services.

One of our cyber-security innovations is ThreatCop. To analyze the vulnerability level of employees in an organization, TheatCop offers the best service as a cyber-security attack simulator and awareness tool. This amazing tool ensures that employees and individuals are well prepared against ransomware attacks. Besides being a cyber-security attack simulator, ThreatCop is customize knowledge imparting tool and provides automated security awareness program. 

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