Various phishing attacks led to phishing awareness training in 2019.

What is Phishing Awareness Training?

For the growth and betterment of your company, it’s important to keep a regular check on its cyber security. However, today when it comes to taking precautions against cyber-attacks, phishing is by far the most dangerous attack that has to be taken care of. Phishing training for employees is necessary in order to keep them alert and proactive of such kinds of attack vectors. 

Phishing is a widespread issue in hand across every industry and sector. Anyone can deploy phishing attacks if they have access to the internet and a good hold on programming language.

The idea of opting for phishing awareness training for employees came from an eye-opening fact. The fact that human beings are the weakest link in the chain of the cyber security network of an organization. Employees are the most vulnerable resource in an organization and hold a good record of becoming victims to social engineering attacks. 

For years, a number of companies have been trying to invest more time and money into phishing training for employees. The motive is to avoid any leniency in the security of emails, loss of personal credentials as well as financial information which they have already borne due to their negligence. 

Phishing awareness training for employees is a key requirement for effective information security defense. It is an innovative cyber security awareness program that is easy to understand and doesn’t meddle with employees’ daily working activities.

Importance of Phishing Awareness Training for Employees:

In a survey, it was observed that without training employees are highly vulnerable and could be making serious mistakes, mostly in the realm of security. There are many benefits of introducing security phishing training for employees in an organization. With the growing army of hackers in the cyber world, an urgent need to educate employees on information security has risen as compared to the past years. 

Some of the benefits of phishing training are as follows:

  • To reduce any chance of human error, cyber security phishing awareness training is the best solution to empower employees. 
  • In a report by IBM Ponemon 2017 Cost of Data Breach, average cost of data breach was $3.62M. Wouldn’t have it been better if that amount was invested in a better project like training? At least the assets could have been protected.
  • Phishing awareness email to employees is more time saving than having time devoted on getting back the breached data and mending of wrecked workflow.
  • It was also surveyed that approximately 12% of receivers open phished mails and click on malicious attachments or links.
  • Phishing attacks are now days designed to target every scale of organization with the motive to exploit and steal their financial information.
  • Without any official security training, individual departments or different business location employ different security principles. There should be proper security policies, similar in nature for all employees. 

In the second quarter of 2019, scammers seem to have made an active usage of data storage services (cloud-based) like Google Drive or Google Storage for hiding their illegal content. In fact, cyber-criminals used Google Calendar to send out invites to non-existent meetings, adding phishing URLs to fields filled out by the organizer. 

Companies like Kratikal have well-built tool to provide phishing training for employees. ThreatCop by Kratikal is a paramount tool for providing training against Phishing awareness email to employees. ThreatCop is a security awareness and simulation attack tool that assess real-time threat posture of your organization in a short span of time. 

When it comes to the best phishing training for employees, ThreatCop offers beneficial features and programs like:

  1. Automated Security Awareness Program
  2. Unlimited Security Attack Simulation Cycle
  3. LMS (Automated Training Campaign)
  4. Dummy Replication of Latest Employees
  5. Hack Record of Employees
  6. Awareness Multi-language support
  7. Create /Import Customized Knowledge Imparting, etc.

ThreatCop Enables You To:

  • Access real-time Cyber Security Health Checks of an organization on the Dashboard.
  • Build a Robust Security Culture through an iterative process of Assessment and Knowledge Imparting.
  • Analyze and Improve Employee Vulnerability Scores on a regular basis.
  • Reduce Cyber Security Risk by up to 90% in 30 days.
  • Turn employees from Weakest to the Strongest Link in the Organization.
  • Best Returns on Investment of your Cyber Security Investment.

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