In what seems to come 6 months after over 80 Israeli companies were hit by a series of ransomware attacks, a fresh spree of cyber attacks has hit the Mediterranean country. It is believed that an Iranian hacker group that goes by the name of Networm (written as N3tw0rm) is behind these attacks.

According to Haaretz, it is believed that at least 4 Israeli companies and 1 NGO have suffered these cyber attacks. The hacker group posted the logo of the company H&M Israel to their website on dark web, hinting that the group has caused these attacks to take place. The group has warned that it can release around 110 GB of H&M Israel’s data if its demands are not met.

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Source- Haaretz

Cyber experts are of the view that N3tw0rm is affiliated with Iran-linked Pay2Key. Previously, Pay2Key claimed to have breached the systems of the Israel Aerospace Industries and Israeli cybersecurity company Portnox. According to the Times of Israel, in 2020, they released documents related to organizations that use Portnox’s services.

The Times of Israel article mentions that Pay2Key installs ransomware on its victims’ networks, which allows the threat actors to take control of data or systems. The hacking group then threatens the victims to leak corporate data, demanding Bitcoins as a ransom payment.

Attacks on Israeli companies have been going on for some time now. The Times of Israel article states that the National Cyber Directorate noted that thousands of Israeli websites got temporarily corrupted after a web hosting company got cyber attacked last year.

As geopolitical tensions have risen between Iran and Israel over recent naval skirmishes, it is expected to turn into cyber warfare as state agencies get involved.

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