Secure code review is one of the significant processes in ensuring the security and integrity of software systems. It involves thoroughly examining the codebase to detect and address potential security risks, for instance, vulnerabilities to hacking, data breaches, and other malicious attacks. The review needs to be conducted by a team of security experts, developers, and quality assurance specialists with the skills and knowledge to pinpoint and remediate information security issues. 

A secure code review aims to prevent security incidents, improve software quality, and protect sensitive data. Regular and systematic code reviews are essential to maintaining the security of software systems and ensuring they are secure against evolving threats.


Secure code testing is an amalgamation of automated and manual processes assessing an application/software’s source code. The main motive of this technique is to detect vulnerabilities in the code. This security assurance technique looks for logic errors and assesses style guidelines, specification implementation, and so on. 

In an automated secure code review, the tool automatically reviews the source code to detect security flaws in it by using a set of predefined rules. However, this technique can be performed manually as well but automated secure code testing proves to be faster, which is why companies mostly rely on automated code review. 

On the other hand, manual secure code testing includes a human that considers the developer’s intention and business logic in the source code of an application/software and provides a clear context of the code. However, it is time-consuming but gives a clear picture of any existing vulnerabilities in the code. 

Importance of Secure Code Review For An Application/Software

An application holds the data of several customers and often any business’s entire success depends on it, and having a well-secured application brings safety assurance to any organization. Secure code testing is done during the software development life cycle (SDLC) to detect and patch the vulnerability to ensure there is no room for a security flaw. 

Here are some of the reasons why a software/application’s secure code review is a must: 

  • Early detection of security vulnerabilities
  • Improving software quality and reliability
  • Compliance with security standards
  • Prevention of data breaches and unauthorized access
  • Mitigating security risks and reducing the attack surface
  • Enhancing customer trust and confidence
  • Improving developer awareness and education on security
  • Decreasing the likelihood and cost of security incidents
  • Providing documentation for auditing and regulatory purposes
  • Encouraging a proactive security culture.

Benefits of Secure Code Review

When you carry out secure code testing for your application/software, you ensure the security of your application along with your customer, clients, and associated partners. There are a variety of other benefits that you obtain with secure code review, for instance —

benefits of conducting secure code review

  • Enhanced Security: Identifies and addresses security weaknesses in the code, reducing the risk of exploitation.
  • Improved Code Quality Helps identify and correct technical issues, such as bugs, inefficiencies, and non-compliance with coding standards.
  • Increased Productivity: Helps avoid potential security incidents, which can be costly and time-consuming to resolve.
  • Compliance with Standards: Verifies that code is compliant with security and coding standards, helping organizations maintain regulatory and industry compliance.
  • Better Collaboration: Encourages teamwork and constructive feedback among developers, leading to improved collaboration and code quality.
  • Improved Risk Management: Identifies and addresses potential security risks early in the development cycle, reducing the likelihood of incidents and improving overall risk management.

Top Secure Code Testing Companies

Several companies out there offer secure code review services but figuring out which is the one that can cater to all your needs is still daunting. Kratikal is one of the top secure code testing companies that potentially fit all your requirements. We’ve been in the market since 2013 and incorporate skilled pen-testers that can perform a code review on your application/software.  

Kratikal is a CERT-In empanelled cyber security company that offers assistance in evaluating, detecting & prioritizing each security vulnerability of a firm’s unfavorable application codebase and contributes to application/software readiness. 

At Kratikal, we use 30% manual and 70% automatic processes for examining the source code of an application/software to identify security flaws in the design, address unsafe coding techniques, look for cross-site scripting problems, backdoors, injection flaws, weak cryptography, etc. Secure code review aims to improve the code’s security and unveil any vulnerabilities before they may get exploited. Unsecure source code could lead to a security flaw at a later stage of the SDLC process, so we look into the code, detect the flaws, and patch them to ensure the security of that particular application. 

For source code review, we use a foolproof approach, for instance, reconnaissance, threat assessment, automation, manual code review, confirmation, and reporting. We have secured a range of applications and software and bagged multiple awards for ensuring the information security of organizations. 

Our secure code review services are reliable yet cost-effective. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and secure your applications too. 


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