The world is full of machines and gadgets, readily participating in the race to automation, though, this race incorporates a hoard of convolutions. Albeit, IoT is the escape route to push these convolutions at bay, so IoT security plays a prime role. The interconnecting machines’ network that supports effortless data exchange is popularly termed IoT (Internet of Things). It is a rapid-growing technology making its significance in almost every sector and has improved the productivity, efficiency, and pliability of the operations and workflow of industries. 

In 2018, the global market size of IoT security was valued at $8,472.19 million and it is forecasted to hit 73,918.82 million by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 31.20%.

No doubt, IoT devices, and systems have brought a huge difference, in a positive manner, in the work process of modern-age industries. They also have exposed these industries to significant dangers and that’s where the need for IoT security occurs. 

What is IoT Security 

The epoch of hi-tech technologies and IoT devices added value to the operations of the company by elevating productivity, accessibility, and scope for innovation. At the same time, it has raised concerns about the cyber security of these devices and technologies.


Nowadays, threat actors can compromise and hack any device from Google Assistant to the smart appliances at your home, and hold great power to harm you. For this reason, organizations rendering IoT security testing and prevention remedies have pulled all the limelight. 

IoT security is a process of arm-guarding IoT devices and systems with advanced tools to ensure secure data transmission, prevent hacking of the devices, and ensure the data security standards are being followed rightly. 

How IoT Security Can Protect Your Business?

Every month, the con actors launch more than 5000 cybersecurity malware/attacks targeting IoT devices specifically. Due to this, approx. 60% of small-scale businesses get shut down post being attacked by con artists. 

However, seeking IoT security must not cost a fortune to any business organization instead it has to be cost-effective yet efficient and proactive.

These are a few infrastructure utilities that businesses with secured IoT devices and systems leverage:

  • Mitigate the probability of hacks and data breaches
  • Receive early compliance with respective standards
  • Reduce monetary losses and cost of negligence 
  • Minimize reputational harm & maintain reliability
  • Elevate the security of IoT and agility of business operations.

If businesses give priority to IoT security, they ensure a range of benefits that ultimately aid in business growth and customer reliability.

Top IoT Security Testing Companies in 2023

Due to skyrocketing cyber crimes towards IoT, organizations must be aware that a lack of IoT security can cause massive losses to their businesses. To ease your job of finding a reliable and efficient IoT security testing company, we have compiled a list of the top 5 IoT testing organizations that can provide you with a detailed report on vulnerabilities in IoT devices and systems along with prevention tips against cyber attacks.

  • Kratikal 
  • AKS Information Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)
  • CyberSRC Consultancy LLP
  • Network Intelligence (I) Pvt. Ltd.

The aforementioned firms have been proven to be reliable sources of cybersecurity solutions and services.


Kratikal is a leading cyber security firm that renders a range of VAPT services and compliance certifications. 

AppSec Testing (Mobile & Web) 

Kratikal performs an in-depth analysis of mobile and web applications in order to detect vulnerabilities and submits a detailed bug-testing report along with the remediation tips (on request) to prevent the applications against cyber attacks, which eventually leads to a loss in business. 

IoT Security Testing

At Kratikal, businesses get served with complete IoT devices scanning and detecting flaws in them. We don’t follow the typical IoT analysis rather we analyze the whole IoT environment to understand every segment and its impact on the whole.

Network Penetration Testing

We carry out a stringent assessment of your network’s internal as well as external architecture and pinpoint the weak areas of the network. After that, we alert companies about them. Plus, as per the request, we also offer remediation for network security (internal & external)

Cloud Penetration Testing

As the requirements of innovation in business outstrip the potential of on-premises infrastructure, organizations are transforming themselves into cloud solutions. Switching to the cloud, however, exposes it to the latest cybersecurity challenges. As firms migrate to hybrid cloud systems, they must stay up-to-date with control, visibility, and security. To counter the most recent threats, companies need the most functional cloud configuration at each crucial stage of their cloud migration journey.

Kratikal uses the most advanced and the best-industry pentesting techniques and tools for cloud security testing. These tools let our expert pentester secure your cloud-based infrastructure efficiently.

Secure Code Review

Keeping your business’s data safe is essential. And one of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that all of your code is secure. A secure code review can help you do this by identifying any vulnerabilities in your code. Plus, it let you fix them before they can be exploited.

Kratikal offers the service by deploying skillful pentesting staff, which performs 70% manual testing & 30% automated testing. 

Medical and IoT Device Testing 

Verifying that an IoT or medical device meets all safety and performance requirements is a must for companies to ensure their safety. This incorporates testing the IoT or medical device in a lab setting. For this,  we believe in using simulated or real-world scenarios. 

Kratikal, a CERT-In empanelled company, ensures the safety of medical & IoT devices by performing rigorous testing, meaning full protection from any prospective damages caused by these devices. 

We use cutting-edge technologies, full-fledged tools, and the best practices to perform pentesting over the IT infrastructure of companies. Our effective and futuristic approach makes sure to keep businesses protected against several cyber crimes. 

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