In today’s scenario, one of the emerging situations of concern is cyber-crime. Cyber criminals are opting for sophisticated attack methodologies that are more difficult to be detected. On an average, cost of cyber-crimes has been estimated to be around $600 billion globally. According to Cyber security Ventures:

  • The number of internet users will be around 6 billion by the year 2022.
  • For a period of five years from 2017-2021, this number will exceed by $ 1 trillion
  • By 2021, cyber-crimes will cost $6 trillion annually.
  • Global damages due to ransomware attacks will cost around $20 billion by 2021.
  • It has been proven that 90% of all the successful email attacks are caused by Phishing.

This is extremely concerning since these statistics will only change for worse. Every day the number of reported cyber-crimes are increasing. This is where ThreatCop comes in handy.

Threatcop is a tool that helps in creating awareness among employees to combat real-life cyber-attacks. The tool works in a cycle of four steps. Let us look at how ThreatCop has been helping organizations.

ThreatCop enables employees to become resilient against cyber-attacks

The tool can replicate six different cyber-attack vectors. This includes attack vectors like Phishing, Vishing, SMShing, Ransomware, Risk of removable media and cyber scams. This allows employees to get a detailed insight on different types of cyber-attacks that can be deployed on them.

Educate employees about cyber-security

Knowledge imparting is a very essential aspect of ThreatCop. Informative material including intuitive videos, Newsletters, Advisories, Case studies are provided to employees. These modules are customized according to the simulated attack in a campaign.

Real-time assessment of employees

Employees are not only provided with informative content but also, their acquired knowledge is tested with regular assessments. This includes assessment modules for each employee with a different version of questionnaire related to the deployed simulated attack during the campaign. Periodic reminders are sent to those employees who do not complete these assessments. Employees who are unsuccessful in performing well during the assessment, must go through the retest. Certificate is provided to those employees who pass the assessment.

Can be used as SaaS, In-house or managed services

ThreatCop is deployed as per the convenience of the client. It can be provided as Software as a Service solution, as an in-house solution or as managed services. It allows the data to remain within the organization and ensures that it is safeguarded from third party theft.

Keeps a track on employees’ progress

ThreatCop has a real time dashboard that provides detailed analytics on the progress of employees. Administrators can keep a track of employees’ vulnerability measure. This will allow administrators to employ measures that can help in improving employees’ response against cyber-attacks.

Capable of reducing cyber-attacks by up to 90%

The continuous process of cyber-attack simulation and creating awareness with knowledge imparting on a regular basis enables employees in identifying different tactics that are used by cyber-criminals.

Strengthens the weakest link in the information security

This is extremely crucial since 90% of all the cyber-attacks occur due to the negligence of employees. With its four-step cycle, the product ensures that the weakest link of the information security becomes a shield against cyber-attacks in an organization.

Nowadays, it is extremely important that organizations focus on investing in cyber awareness among employees for strengthening the human line of defence. Cyber security companies like Kratikal, ensure that this objective is successfully achieved while maintaining the confidentiality of information and data within an organization.

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