What is meant by Brand Protection Service?
Brand protection service basically means creating and approving a solid strategy to secure your brand from brand misuse, defamatory attacks, and malicious entities. It is a process of protecting the intellectual property (IP) of companies along with their associated brands.

It is a protection against counterfeiters, copy pirating, and IP violations such as patents, design rights, trade dress, color marks, etc. The purpose of rendering this service is to not only protect the revenue loss of the organization but also to protect the company’s reputation, image, and overall value.

Fundamentally, a brand protection service is provided to prevent brand abuse. With the right tools in the right place, online brand protection services ensure to secure your digital assets and provide a safeguard against brand breach. With proper brand monitoring of digital assets, you can consistently and simply enforce the rights of your brand online.

Why does your Organization Require Brand Protection Service?

Phishing activities are infamous for putting customers’ financial details and assets at risk, including the company’s brand reputation. More than half of internet users receive at least one phishing email daily. 

  • In a survey report of 2015, 9.2 million users were duped into submitting their personal information from phishing scams
  • It has been estimated that the global counterfeiting industry by 2022, is predicted to be worth $4.2 trillion.
  • Around 1.5 million phishing websites are created every month – Webroot
  • In the third quarter of 2018, anti-phishing systems prevented 137 million-plus redirects to phishing sites

Aren’t these facts scary enough? Users must be aware of the consequences of falling victim to phishing activities. For domain management and brand protection from phishing and fraud practices, you must have a proper security monitoring tool in your organization. Tools like KPMonitor are considered to be the best brand protector and domain management tool.

KPMonitor for Domain Management and Brand Protection Service 

An organization can have multiple domains and it’s not easy to manage those domains simultaneously. Similarly, the brand image and reputation of an organization need to be secure and monitored so that it is protected from misuse and infringement. 

To ease your problem, Kratikal has brought together both important parameters and has developed highly innovative software with a new technology approach called KPMonitor.

It is a next-level tool, designed to monitor anti-phishing and anti-fraudulent activities of websites, domains, and mobile applications. Kratikal is highly renowned for developing software that is intended to protect corporate brands from vicious activities such as internet counterfeiting and fraudulent activities.

KPMonitor does that all and ensures that the company’s domains are properly managed and protected. It offers brand protection service and tracks down any attempt of misuse of your website, domain, and mobile applications in real-time.  

KPMonitor for brand protection

KPMonitor comes with three amazing features to help you in protecting your brand and business:

  1. Blacklisting: KPMonitor blacklists the IP of anyone who attempts to copy or make malicious use of the website, domain, or mobile application.
  2. Permanent takedown: With the help of external services like the Indian Copyright Act and different ISP’s providers, any spoofed domain is permanently taken down.
  3. Instant takedown:  It is a one-click instant takedown of spoofed mobile applications and websites. This feature takes down the entire website and mobile application just in a matter of seconds. 

With features like these, the chances of the exponential yet silent upsurge of brand counterfeiting are decreased.  Kratikal is the first company in India that has designed and developed an anti-phishing and anti-fraud monitoring tool. It is the only software in the nation that takes down spoofed domains, mobile applications, and websites instantly. 

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By Pallavi Dutta

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