Cyber attacks are malicious acts performed by hackers. Now-a-days, cyber crimes are on rise and are spreading terror in the IT based companies. These attacks not only target private sectors but government sectors too. They are stealthily attacking major companies and institutions and wrecking havoc. 90% of cyber attacks take place due to negligent employees. 30K Websites in world are hacked daily and more than $600 hacks cost to businesses a year around the world.

One such cyber crime took place four year back in the KBox Super Star Co. in Singapore on Sep. 16’2018. This breach left KBox lovers panicking. About more than 317,000 KBox customers’ personal details were put up for public download by hackers.

As per the investigations, the list containing details such as the mobile numbers, identification card numbers and addresses of more than 300,000 KBox members, was leaked. A KBox member wanted to be known as Ms Lin, 26, was shocked knowing that her personal credentials, including her National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number, surfaced online. This was all done as an act of protest against the government’s announcement to raise toll charges. It was creating unnecessary financial burden for working Malaysians. If nothing was done to ease the burden then no Singaporean would be safe, and the hackers would continue to release the database of Singapore companies. A hacker organization who called themselves as  ‘The Known’s’ sent an e-mail to media outlets, including The Straits Times, saying they were releasing the database to show their displeasure over recent increases in toll charges at the woodlands checkpoint.

These breaches could have been easily prevented, only if, proper cyber security  measures were at place. Even after 4 years of such a massive data breach, proper preventive measures are yet not in action. Organizations must create robust cyber security measures. We need advanced multi-layered solutions. After all, we are up against multiple factors people, money-hungry outsiders and insiders with malicious intents, as well.

Kratikal, a cyber security firm, focuses on three most important pillars of an industry, People, Process and Technology and provides you end-to-end cyber security solutions. The firm provides a complete suite of manual and automated VAPT services and compliance management services. Kratikal’s very own product Threatcop, a security attack simulation and awareness tool is capable of reducing the overall threat posture of an organization from the people point of view. This tool effectively helps companies to strengthen their weakest link, i.e., employees. The tool creates awareness among employees of an organization to increase their cyber resilience with measurable results.

-by Rohan Dale

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