Summary:  This write up gives you complete information about a remote attack that puts Millions of Internet-Connected Devices at risk.

As technology is becoming more and more significant in to our life, we are getting much closer to IOT attacks. With the sheer assortment of IOT devices around us there are numerous prospects for hackers to make use of them against individuals and organizations. According to latest updates, security researchers again revealed a buffer overflow flaw has been discovered by in an open-source software library that is used by various manufacturers of the Internet-of-Thing.

This buffer overflow flaw (CVE-2017-9765), revealed by researchers at the internet of things focused security firm Senrio, is named “Devil’s Ivy” that permits a far-flung attacker to crash the Simple Object Access Protocol (gSOAP) Web Services daemon and make it feasible to carry out the arbitrary code on the affected devices.

Security cameras themselves are used for securing a perimeter. If such devices are vulnerable to remote override and denying access to legitimate users, the usefulness of such devices come under interrogation.

Though the vulnerability is present in the gSOAP library, it first came to light while Senrio was investigating the security of Axis cameras.

Axis immediately informed Genivia that maintains gSOAP, about the Devil’s Ivy vulnerability and Genivia released a patch on June 21, 2017. Genivia also reached out to electronics industry group ONVIF to make certain all of its members, including Siemens, Canon, and Cisco, those who make use of gSOAP become awake of the problem and can develop patches to resolve the security hole.

“When exploited, it allows an attacker to remotely access a video feed or deny the owner access to the feed,” researchers said.

Without doubt, IOT devices make a trouble-free entrance for hackers to get into protected networks. So it is always worthwhile to maintain your Internet-connected devices restructured and away from the open Internet.

By Pallavi Dutta

Content Marketer and Team Leader

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