An article published by New York Times has revealed that renowned game developing firm Electronic Arts or as popularly known EA has become the recent victim of a cyber attack. The video game company has revealed that they are investigating an intrusion into their network which has resulted in the theft of their game source code and tools.

The hacker has claimed that he now has access to the source code of the 2021 version of the popular football video game FIFA. Along with this, the article mentions the hackers have also claimed that they possess the data related to a gaming creation engine called Frostbite. It is noteworthy that Frostbite is the development engine that powers games like Battlefield. This information has been sourced from an underground forum used by hackers.

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Stolen Data from the Cyber Attack is Being Sold

A separate article published by Vice News revealed that hackers have claimed on these forums that they are in possession of 780 GB of data. They are advertising this data for sale on different hacking platforms/forums.

The hackers have also shared screenshots of EA data to back their claims with proof. The organization has a fair idea that hackers are not publicly distributing any of this data but are instead looking to sell it.

“We’ve already made security improvements and do not expect any impact on our games or our business,” an E.A. spokeswoman said. EA has said that no player data has been compromised in this hack and that they are working with law enforcement agencies to investigate this cyber attack.

EA is a new addition to the list of big firms recently hit by cyber attacks. This list includes major organizations namely Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods among others. Very recently, Biden administration warned the American executives of the increased cyber security risk faced by major organizations. The issued warning says that these attacks have become more frequent and intense.

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