The CNA ransomware attack that made the news in March this year has an extension to the story. The insurance giant revealed that the organization suffered a data breach following the ransomware attack. 

The American insurance major has recently disclosed that data of over 75,000 of its customers has been affected due to the breach. It is quite horrific to see how long the effects of ransomware attacks last. On the other hand, it should be a reason for organizations to level-up their cyber security in order to protect themselves and their customers.

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The Unfolding of CNA Ransomware Attack and Data Breach

According to an article published by Latest Hacking News, CNA sent an incident notification newsletter to its affected customers. In the newsletter, the US insurance giant has mentioned the following details of the data breach and ransomware attack:

What Happened: 

On 21st March 2021, CNA Financial found out that it sustained a ransomware attack and began the incident investigation with the assistance of cyber security firms. Later it was revealed that from March 5, 2021, to March 21, 2021, a threat actor accessed CNA systems many times.

This helped the threat actor gain and copy some information before launching the ransomware attack. However, initially, according to CNA, the organization was prompt in recovering the information and no client data seemed to have been breached. But recently, it has been found that thousands of their clients were affected by the breach. The insurance firm has been notifying its affected clients about the breach.

The Phoenix Cryptolocker ransomware gang has been found to be behind this attack.

Ransomware Threat: Everyday a New Challenge

On 4th July, the US independence day, the REvil ransomware gang attacked Kaseya, an IT major. Kaseya is a software provider for more than 40000 customers around the world. The attack is said to have temporarily shut down hundreds of Sweden’s Coop grocery stores. Around 9 schools in New Zealand were also affected due to this ransomware attack.

The 4th July ransomware attack has made the news as big as the Wannacry ransomware attack. Hacker groups are now going for the big fish for earning big returns. Organizations should know that there is no magic key on how to stop ransomware attacks. The approach to cyber security should always be holistic.

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