In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Businesses that maintain the data of their clients are continually concerned about potential vulnerabilities that hackers may exploit to potentially misuse the data for wrong deeds.That is why organizations need to obtain a VAPT certificate for their organization.

But what exactly is a VAPT certificate, and how can you obtain one? Let us break down this in simple terms.

What is a VAPT Certificate?

A VAPT Certificate provided by a premium cybersecurity company is a document issued to a company after they’ve undergone a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) service.

VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. It’s a process that combines two crucial security practices:

Vulnerability Assessment: This involves thoroughly scanning your website to identify potential flaws that hackers could misuse.

Penetration Testing: Here, security professionals act like ethical hackers, attempting to exploit the vulnerabilities discovered during the assessment. This helps identify the real-world impact these vulnerabilities might have and provides valuable insights for remediation.

An organization requiring a VAPT Certificate will get in touch with a cybersecurity company to perform a VAPT on their systems and applications. The security experts would conduct a thorough assessment, identifying vulnerabilities and flaws. Further, the company then addresses these vulnerabilities by patching them. Once all critical vulnerabilities are fixed after re-testing, the company can get VAPT certified.

Why is a VAPT Certificate Important?

VAPT certificate demonstrates that your business has undergone a rigorous security evaluation. This signifies to potential clients, partners, investors, etc. that you take data security seriously. 

Listed here are some key benefits of a VAPT certificate:

  • Enhanced Security: VAPT helps identify and fix vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them
  • Better Credibility: The certificate demonstrates your commitment to secure online transactions and data protection
  • Adherence with Compliance: VAPT can help meet industry regulations and data privacy standards

Industries Who Need VAPT Certificate in India

VAPT certification isn’t limited to a specific industry in India. All types of industries can get VAPT certified.  It’s a valuable certificate for any business that operates online or offline. However, out of numerous industries, listed below are a few industries that have greater benefits due to the sensitive data they handle. These include:

Financial Institutions (Banks, NBFCs): Protecting financial data is necessary. VAPT helps ensure robust security for online transactions and customer information.

E-commerce Businesses: VAPT secures customer payment details and protects against website disruptions that could impact sales.

Healthcare Providers: Patient data privacy is critical. VAPT helps the healthcare sector identify and address vulnerabilities in the systems that store sensitive medical information.

Government Agencies: Governmental organizations often handle confidential data. VAPT enhances cybersecurity and minimizes the risk of data breaches.

IT & Telecom Companies: These companies are prime targets for cyberattacks. VAPT helps strengthen their defenses and protect sensitive information.

VAPT Certification Process

Information Gathering & Scope Definition 

In this initial phase,  information about the target system is collected to understand its purpose, architecture, and security posture. The scope of the VAPT is then defined, outlining which systems and applications will be assessed.

Vulnerability Scanning

This step involves meticulously scanning the target system for known vulnerabilities. This helps identify system configurations, software, and code flaws

Vulnerability Detection

The identified vulnerabilities are analyzed to assess their severity, potential exploitability, and risk. This stage involves prioritizing flaws based on the likelihood of them being exploited and the potential impact they could have.


A comprehensive report is generated that details the discovered vulnerabilities, their severity levels, and recommendations for remediation. This report serves as an important reference for the organization to address the identified security issues.

Penetration Testing

In this phase, security experts simulate real-world attacks to exploit the identified vulnerabilities. This helps assess the effectiveness of the system’s defenses and identify any exploitable flaws that scanning might have missed.


After vulnerabilities have been remediated,  retesting is conducted to verify that the vulnerabilities have been effectively addressed and that no new ones have been introduced during the remediation process.

VAPT Report & Analysis

A final report is generated that summarizes the penetration testing findings, including details of exploited vulnerabilities, recommendations for further security improvements, and an overall assessment of the system’s security posture.

How to Get a VAPT Certificate?

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Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved in obtaining a VAPT certificate:

Choose a Reputable VAPT Provider: Look for CERT-In empanelled companies with experienced security professionals and a proven track record.

Define the Scope of the Assessment: Clearly outline which aspects of your company will be tested.

Schedule the VAPT Assessment: Coordinate with the provider for a convenient time to conduct the assessment.

Remediation: Following the assessment, address the identified vulnerabilities based on the provider’s recommendations.

Get VAPT Certified: Once vulnerabilities are addressed, the VAPT service provider will typically issue a certificate outlining the scope of the VAPT and its results.

Final Thoughts

A VAPT certificate is an investment for your company’s security and is key to maintaining your brand reputation. By proactively addressing vulnerabilities, you can prevent costly data breaches and maintain the trust of your clients. While many companies offer VAPT services, Kratikal stands out with over 12+ years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. We’ve helped secure more than 450+ SMEs and Enterprises, making us a trusted cybersecurity services provider for businesses of all sizes. Choose Kratikal for a hassle-free VAPT certification process. Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your specific business needs. In today’s digital era, a cyberattack can cripple a business. Strong cybersecurity is the foundation for success.


  1. How to Get a VAPT Certificate?

    To get a VAPT certificate, select a reputable provider, define the assessment scope, schedule the assessment, address vulnerabilities, and receive certification upon resolution.

  2. Why is a VAPT certificate important?

    A VAPT certificate enhances security, boosts credibility, and ensures compliance with industry standards.

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