The rise in cyber attacks has become a major worry. This issue is for organizations where data storage and technical operations are the driving force for business operations. Indeed, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly complex and frequent. This poses a serious risk to data security, business continuity, and the reputation of organizations. Kratikal being a CERT-In empanelled auditor, offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. These are tailored to provide companies with total IoT, network, cloud, or data protection in today’s fast-paced world.

Kratikal is an all-in-one provider of all-inclusive cybersecurity services and is mindful of the nature of online risks.  We are helping businesses prevent cyber attacks. Through our advanced technology and the specialized knowledge of our cyber experts, we help companies strengthen their digital data. In this context, Kratikal’s stand on digital security is becoming more and more crucial. This is because companies struggle with the complexity of cyber attacks.

The Rising Challenge of Cyber Attacks

The recent figures present an adverse picture of cyber security. A research report from 2023 indicates that the number of cyberattacks has increased by 30%. This has resulted in major loss of millions of dollars for small and large scale companies and damaged clients’ trust. It’s evident how cyber attacks are growing. This clears the spike not just in the volume but in its impact, being directly proportional to each other. 

The security measures are not sufficient. Having guidance from cyber experts towards a secure digital environment is also equally important in the increasing difficulties of businesses.

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Kratikal’s Comprehensive Approach to Cyber Attacks

Kratikal distinguishes itself by tackling the intricate and constantly developing domain of cyber threats. This is done through the broad range of its cybersecurity services. The core of Kratikal’s strategy is the fundamental understanding that there is no universal approach to cybersecurity. Because every business faces unique challenges. This prevents cyber attacks and necessitates a tailored approach to security.

Penetration Testing Services

Our range of services includes tailored Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. This encompasses both automated and manual approaches, designed to align precisely with your organization’s needs. Kratikal’s Penetration testing or VAPT testing gives an in-depth system analysis of your organization. This helps to identify flaws that attackers could exploit. This preventive effort is critical in today’s environment, where even slight errors might result in a big breach. 

We ensure to wend off attacks on your digital infrastructure. Kratikal ensures that your business is secure and guides you to prevent all kinds and types of new cyber attacks.

Our team of experts simulates cyberattacks in a controlled environment. This step is done to assess the effectiveness of the organization’s defenses. This further ensures that any potential vulnerabilities are identified and addressed. 

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Every business needs to work on its structure for strategically managing its enterprise risk management, adhering to regulatory compliance, and ensuring general governance. All these are together offered through Kratikal’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services. This comprehensive approach strengthens the company’s cybersecurity posture. We ensure our services align with your business goals, all while ensuring a seamless integration of security protocols into the operational framework.

Compliance is a crucial element of our cyber security strategy. In the modern world, adhering to security standards is not just about privacy but also about upholding legislation. With our standard and regulatory compliance services, Kratikal assists organizations in navigating the complex world of cybersecurity rules. We do so to ensure that your business adheres to industry-specific standards required to be compliant and secure for sure.

Real-World Applications: Kratikal’s Case Studies

One only needs to explore Kratikal’s extensive case studies to truly understand the significance and efficacy of our cybersecurity solutions. In addition to showcasing our expertise, these real-world examples offer insightful information on the variety of cyber threats and how well Kratikal’s techniques work to counter cyber attacks.

Case Study Insights

Every case study tells an account of how specific companies dealt with cyberattacks. It elaborates on the difficulties companies came across, and the remedies Kratikal provided. A case study might, for example, examine how a financial services organization handled a highly skilled cloud-based attack that threatened to expose all the private information on the cloud. In addition to limiting the attack, Kratikal’s quick response team strengthened security measures to avert such situations in the future.

A retail company that was the target of a ransomware attack may be the subject of another case. In addition to clearing the ransomware, Kratikal’s support included an entire review of the business’ cybersecurity procedures, including employee training as well as robust network security measures.

These case studies are more than simply narratives; they serve as evidence of our capacity to tackle a wide range of intricate cybersecurity issues. We offer direct evidence of the organization’s skill in spotting flaws, addressing sudden risks, and putting long-term security plans into action that suit its strategic objectives.

Spreading Awareness for Cybersecurity to prevent Cyber Attacks

Kratikal employs an innovative approach to address the crucial task of raising awareness about cyber security and educating businesses by merging concepts of myth and reality. They eliminate popular myths about cyber threats by offering accurate, perceptive facts. 

We spread awareness about new emerging cyber attacks and methods to secure your devices utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs in addition to our informative YouTube videos. By using this multi-channel approach, we aim to reach a wider audience and provide engaging, simple-to-read content that helps companies improve their cybersecurity posture in the constantly changing digital ecosystem.


Kratikal, a leading cybersecurity service provider, offers businesses an entire strategy to be secure for sure against the increasing risk of cyberattacks. Businesses can use our extensive range of services. Our services include VAPT(IoT, Network, Cloud security testing, and many more services) and Compliance services (Standard and Regulatory), to strengthen the digital defenses against sophisticated cyber attacks.

Our commitment to bringing cybersecurity issues to the public’s attention highlights how important it is to protect against online threats. This can be done by having a proactive and knowledgeable approach. The case studies presented by Kratikal are real-life instances of what we’ve done that show how adept we are at navigating the complexity of being secure digitally. For businesses looking to protect their digital assets and maintain trust in this interrelated world, partnering with Kratikal is not only a smart strategic choice, but also a necessary step towards ensuring long-term digital resilience. 

Businesses may get in touch with us via email at to collaborate with us and secure your IT infrastructure.

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