In an attempt to provide better insights to our readers about what DMARC is and how its implementation can help in securing an organization’s outbound email channels, KDMARC has released its 2020-2021 DMARC Industry Report.

DMARC working
The purpose of DMARC implementation

DMARC Report

DMARC Report 2020-2021 Table of Contents

The DMARC Industry Report 2020-2021 focuses on the benefits of DMARC implementation and dives into the following topics as well:

  1. This DMARC report starts with the basics to introduce the user to this authentication protocol. It also touches upon topics such as DMARC policies and how it works.


  2. The current trends of attacks originating from email domain spoofing and brand impersonation such as BEC attacks.


  3. It is important to have an idea of where things stand with regard to DMARC implementation around the world. Therefore, this DMARC report has a separate section that concentrates on the global its adoption rate.


  4. This industry report also quotes some interesting figures to bring to light the key benefits of DMARC. It also explains how it can prevent potentially huge financial losses that organizations may have to bear otherwise.


  5. Other than this, it also stresses the importance of using an email domain anti-spoofing tool. It highlights the assistance it provides to implement DMARC for your organization’s email domains.
DMARC Report 2020-2021 Snapshot
A snapshot from the DMARC Report 2020-2021

Why Outbound Email Security is Important?

Outbound email security is an often ignored aspect of cyber security. But it is one of the most important ones as far as brand reputation is concerned. As email spoofing has grown, the threat of losing business for organization has become bigger. This is because any spoofed emails that use your email domain for delivery will harm your domain’s reputation. If this happens, even legitimate emails sent through your email domain will end up landing in the recipient’s spam box or may even remain undelivered. A secured outbound email channel helps the organization in improving the email deliverability and engagement rate. 

This in turn can be useful for the expansion of business reach into new areas and client relationship management. It is therefore important to know and implement DMARC, which is exactly what this report explains in detail.

Get your hands on this latest DMARC report! It’s here:

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