Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in the quick-paced field of cybersecurity. This leads to doubt as to how companies can implement correct measures to protect their digital assets. As the complexity of cyber threats continues to escalate and organizations become increasingly reliant on digital infrastructure, the need for advanced tools to have strong defenses has never been more critical. 

Presenting AutoSecT, a ground-breaking Kratikal-powered tool that is set to completely transform the cybersecurity space. In this blog, let’s take a detailed look at how AutoSecT can provide an unmatched Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response experience along with state-of-the-art features. Let us understand the functionalities that distinguish AutoSecT as a resilient tool amidst ever-changing digital threats.

What is AutoSecT?

AutoSecT: Powered by Kratikal is a vulnerability management tool that goes beyond traditional methods to protect the digital assets of your company. It uses advanced Vulnerability Management Detection and response (VMDR) techniques to systematically manage rigorous testing projects and stay updated on security advancements at every step. It’s the ultimate solution for keeping your organization’s digital assets secure.

VMDR stands for Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response. AutoSecT is a comprehensive VMDR solution that encompasses:

Vulnerability Management: Conducts regular scans and helps to manage and identify vulnerabilities across systems, networks, and applications.

Detection: Provides continuous monitoring of systems for potential vulnerabilities and suspicious activities.

Response: Analyzes and prioritizes vulnerabilities based on their severity and potential impact on the organization, offering automated responses to certain types of vulnerabilities.

AutoSecT – Empowering Cybersecurity

Build an inclusive cybersecurity ecosystem within AutosecT’s secure workspace, seamlessly with automated scanning. One can also onboard third parties. Empower users with robust project management, automatic/manual assessments, and transparent insights, fostering collaboration to tackle cybersecurity challenges effectively.

AutosecT is dedicated to creating a versatile and collaborative platform that enhances cybersecurity practices with automated scanning. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive tool and promote inclusive collaboration, ensuring confidentiality, autonomy, and adaptability to diverse security scenarios.

How does AutosecT Work?

  • Initialization & Configuration: Specify the target system, applications, or network to be tested.
  • Automated Scanning & Testing: AutoSecT performs automated vulnerability scans on the specified targets.
  • Analysis & Reporting: It scans results and penetration test findings, prioritizing vulnerabilities in its reports.
AutoSecT Solutions for Businesses

What Solution does AutoSecT Offer?

AutosecT is a solution that makes cybersecurity tasks easier and more efficient. It speeds up the time it takes to create detailed reports on vulnerabilities, giving timely access to important insights. The platform also lets organizations monitor vulnerabilities in real time. It’s great for working with external testing teams that don’t have monitoring tools, providing a collaborative workspace. 

Even if an organization doesn’t have an in-house testing team, AutosecT offers a user-friendly interface for independent testing, reducing the need for external help. Overall, AutosecT helps organizations improve their cybersecurity, making them more agile and less dependent on outside help for vulnerability assessments.

Why do Businesses Need AutoSecT?

In today’s digital landscape, businesses face multifaceted cybersecurity challenges, and the absence of real-time monitoring capabilities compounds these issues. AutoSecT steps in to streamline as an automated tool, being a wide platform for collaboration, aiming to enhance cybersecurity practices. It offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the following:

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

One of the key challenges organizations face is delayed insights into identified vulnerabilities due to the lack of real-time monitoring. AutoSecT tackles this by providing real-time updates, ensuring timely access to critical vulnerability insights. The platform’s automated scanning and continuous monitoring capabilities expedite the process of report generation, empowering organizations with immediate visibility into potential risks and threats.

Collaboration with Internal or External Testing Teams

Onboarding testing teams from internal, external, or both organizations can be a substantial hurdle, especially when these teams lack dedicated monitoring tools. AutoSecT eliminates this challenge by offering an inclusive workspace that facilitates seamless collaboration with external testing teams. This ensures that even external entities can contribute effectively to vulnerability assessments without facing monitoring tool dependencies.

Independence from Third-Party Testing

Dependency on third-party testing, especially in the absence of an in-house testing team, results in extended timelines for Vulnerability Assessments. AutoSecT mitigates this dependency by providing a user-friendly workspace interface for independent testing. Organizations without an in-house testing team can now take control of their cybersecurity initiatives, reducing reliance on external entities and promoting flexibility.

Discover Smart Implementations

  • Vulnerability Hub: Unified Vendor Dashboard
  • Project Management with a Comprehensive Workspace
  • Continuous, Automated & Authenticated Scanning
  • Diverse Report Formats with Real-time Download
  • Multi-Scan Support: Advance, Quick, and Light

Features of AutoSecT

AutoSecT distinguishes itself with a robust set of features that empower businesses to dynamically secure their digital assets. Some key features include:

  • Vulnerability Hub: Unified Vendor Dashboard- Designed to be an inclusive & adaptable automated testing tool, it allows organizations to onboard and work on assessing vulnerabilities.
  • Real-Time Vulnerability Insights: Stay ahead with instant, up-to-the-minute insights into potential vulnerabilities.
  • Continuous Automated Scanning: Experience uninterrupted security with automated scans that identify and address vulnerabilities as they emerge.
  • Centralized Dashboard: Simplify management tasks with a centralized hub, providing a unified view of your organization’s security landscape.
  • Workspace and Project Sharing: Facilitate collaboration by sharing workspaces and projects, promoting a collective approach to vulnerability management.
  • Integrated Vulnerability Database: A centralized repository that contains information about known vulnerabilities.
  • Real-Time Report Download: Obtain crucial insights with real-time report downloads, facilitating swift decision-making.
  • Task Management: Efficiently organize and execute tasks related to vulnerability management, ensuring a structured and proactive approach.
  • Multi-Integration System (JIRA, TEAMS, SLACK): Boost collaboration with our Multi-Integration System for seamless communication and workflow efficiency.
  • Authenticated Scanning: Enhance precision with authenticated scanning, ensuring a thorough examination of security vulnerabilities.
  • Diverse Report Formats: Reports come in versatile formats (PDF, Excel), offering communication flexibility and clarity.
  • Publish Vulnerability Action: Enhances communication and collaboration for swift response to security vulnerabilities.
  • Multi Scan Type(Advanced, Quick, Light ): Customize your scanning approach with multiple types – advanced for detailed analysis, quick for finding common vulnerabilities, and light for fast and effective scan.

How AutoSecT is a Solution to Businesses?

Streamlined Workflow: AutoSecT simplifies the vulnerability management workflow, from scanning and detection to prioritization and response. Its seamless integration with project management platforms ensures an efficient and organized approach.

Collaborative Ecosystem: The vision of AutoSecT revolves around strengthening a collaborative and inclusive cybersecurity ecosystem. It enables third parties to seamlessly onboard and work exclusively within the AutoSecT workspace, promoting openness and collaboration in addressing cybersecurity challenges.

Versatility and Flexibility: AutoSecT offers a versatile platform that combines automation with human expertise. With support for multiple scan types and diverse report formats, it adapts to diverse security scenarios, acknowledging the importance of flexibility in cybersecurity practices.

Who can Benefit from AutoSecT?

Testing Needed:

  • Organizations with in-house testing teams looking to enhance their cybersecurity practices.
  • Businesses seeking to streamline the testing process for quicker and more efficient vulnerability assessments.

Vendors Onboard:

  • Companies collaborating with external testing teams or third-party vendors lack dedicated monitoring tools.
  • Organizations rely on external entities for vulnerability assessments and looking to improve collaboration.


  • Businesses in the cybersecurity domain aim to stay competitive by adopting advanced VMDR solutions.
  • Companies seeking a comprehensive platform to match or surpass the capabilities of existing cybersecurity tools.


In conclusion, AutoSecT: Powered by Kratikal, stands as the ultimate solution for organizations aiming to secure their cybersecurity posture. By offering a comprehensive VMDR experience, streamlined workflow, and collaborative ecosystem, AutoSecT addresses the evolving challenges of the digital landscape. Businesses of all sizes, from those with in-house testing teams to those collaborating with external vendors, can benefit from the versatile features and proactive defense that AutoSecT provides.

To take the first move towards enhancing your organization’s cybersecurity, Contact Kratikal at [email protected] or call us at +91 9289192210. 

Insightful Vigilance, Proactive Defense!

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