As per a report published in the Security Week, the Belgium interior ministry has revealed that they were at the receiving end of a ‘sophisticated cyber attack’. They are calling it ‘cyber espionage’.

However, the spokesperson of the ministry has confirmed that the most sensitive data is still protected and the cyber attack was not able to access any of it. The matter is still under investigation and investigators are trying to find out the origin of this attack and if there was any involvement of a foreign state.

This attack was uncovered in March 2021 but experts believe it took place in the year 2019.

But according to cyber experts in Belgium, the aim of this cyber attack on the interior ministry was not to temporarily stop the website or demand ransom. It was more complex than that. It is because of this reason that these experts believe that this might be a case of cyber espionage.

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The Federal Public Service Interior’s communications director, Olivier Maerens, said that actions were taken urgently to strengthen the security of the servers.

The news of the attack was purposely kept secret for a long time as the authorities wanted to fix the existing vulnerabilities before making it public.

Belgium in the Crosshairs

Very recently, operations of the Belgium Parliament and universities were disrupted as a DDoS attack hit the internet provider Belnet. This attack had even negatively affected the functioning of research centres and other public administration departments. So, it is pretty visible that Belgium has been on the threat actors’ target for quite some time now.

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