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Test your defenses and uncover vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.

Penetration, a significant part of an organization's cybersecurity strategy, aids to detect and prioritize security vulnerabilities that require to be pinpointed to alleviate the potential risk of a cyber attack.

Carrying out penetration testing ensures secured IT infrastructure within an organization. Pen testing is a technique for identifying security defects, exploiting those vulnerabilities, outlining the exploitation scope, patching the security flaw, and delivering detailed documentation to the client.

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Kratikal Tech stood firm against the cyber attacks on networks, cloud, applications, websites, and IoT & medical devices to safeguard their internal as well as external security for a long time by embedding the right Penetration Testing approach, which provides a company with a more clear insight into the threats their IT infra and devices may face, enabling the firms to protect their data and systems from harmful cyber-threats. A Penetration Testing firm like Kratikal Tech takes action against security flaws by creating compliance policies and IT security strategies.

Our prime focus is on safeguarding people, processes, and technologies that have allowed us to render our clients with zed-plus security.


Black Box Testing, commonly cited as external testing or behavioral testing, is a kind of application testing methodology wherein no prior information on the internal code structure, implementation specifics, or internal pathways of an application is required. It concentrates on the software/application's input & output and completely relies on the specifications and requirements of the application.

Gray box testing is a combination of white box & black box testing, which enables testing an application without having complete knowledge of its source code structure. It looks for and finds bugs that the application's incapacitated code structure has caused.

In order to verify the input-output flow and enhance the application's design, security, and functionality, white box testing assesses a software's underlying structure, coding, and layout. Since testers can view the code, this form of testing is also referred to as internal testing, open box testing, clear box testing, or glass box testing.

Kratikal is a CERT-In Empanelled Security Auditor

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Kratikal’s Awards and Recognition

Recognized by DSCI NASSCOM Product Conclave in the year 2017

Accoladed as Top 6 companies in National Product Conclave 2018, NPC, Bangalore

Kratikal awarded amongst Top-3 Cyber Security startups at 11th 100 CISO platform, 2019

Recognized for Excellence in Security Technology Implementation Award at IFSEC India Awards, 2019

Kratikal Awarded as the Top Cybersecurity Startup Award 2020 at 12th Top 100 CISO Awards

Kratikal became a CERT-In Empanelled Security Auditor in 2021

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