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Conducting network VAPT helps businesses safeguard customer data and leverage several benefits, such as partner and customer reliability, information security, cost-saving, etc. Kratikal, CERT-In empanelled, is a network security company with expert cybersecurity professionals and years of rich experience in the industry that offers robust premium services.

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Why Choose Kratikal?

Kratikal is the fastest-growing network security company that uses standard tools and guidelines for network security and IT infra-security services. Being a reliable network security company, Kratikal delivers various pen testing services, for instance, Network Security Penetration Testing, Web/Mobile Application Testing, IoT/Medical device security testing,  cloud security testing, source code review, and compliance audits.

Leverage our premium network VAPT service to ensure fortification against cyber attacks. Our essential controls implementation and Zero Trust approach demonstrate business reliability and help generate more leads.

Our Approach

Define Scope

Clearly defining the scope is a must before network VAPT can be conducted. At this stage, there should be an open dialogue between the auditor organization and the client to build a secure platform to carry out network security assessments.

Information Gathering

At this step, a range of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools are utilized, and strategies are made to gather as much data as they can on the target network. The gathered information and data will enable us to understand how the relationship works, which will help us meticulously evaluate the risk as the engagement increases.

Vulnerability Detection and Inspection

We use a blend of computerized resources and tools with different strategies to detect vulnerabilities and execute a thorough inspection. Any prospective attack vectors are precisely assessed by our experts. The obtained data will serve as the foundation for its application.

Attack and Penetration

We run both a manual and an automated security test to unveil all possible attack vectors and security vulnerabilities. Then, to evaluate the network’s security, we execute exploits against it. For in-depth network security penetration testing, we implement a variety of open-source scripts, tactics, and internal tools. To safeguard your network and associated devices/systems with it, implement every single technique.


Documentation/reporting is the last stage in the whole evaluation procedure. It involves collecting all data, assessing it, and offering the client a comprehensive breakdown of the outcomes. A detailed analysis of all the risks will be included in the report, and the final report will also list all the strengths and shortcomings of the target network.

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