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Mobile Application Testing At Kratikal Tech

Mobile Application Testing is a vital component of an organization's cybersecurity strategy. This approach assists in identifying and prioritizing security flaws particular to mobile applications, lowering the risk of prospective cyberattacks.

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Why Choose Kratikal?

Kratikal Tech stood firm against cyber-attacks with our expertise in the security and testing of mobile applications. Our experienced team of testers uses procedures and techniques that are at the forefront to evaluate the security stance of your mobile applications and meet the current demands of the industry. For your mobile applications to satisfy the highest security standards, we concentrate on locating probable flaws and vulnerabilities.

Your business gains a competitive edge in the market for mobile applications by collaborating with Kratikal. We are committed to providing thorough testing services that ensure the security, reliability, and caliber of your mobile applications.

Don't risk the success of your app. Get in contact with us right away to strengthen the security of your mobile application. Let’s ensure that your application operates without any issues in the ever-evolving mobile ecosystem.

why Kratikal

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Kratikal's Comprehensive Testing Strategies

Compliance is the foundation of every business and Kratikal has taken the responsibility to provide all the support an entrepreneur needs to strengthen their business’s cyber security posture.


Comprehensive Mobile Application Testing

Kratikal does thorough mobile application testing to find vulnerabilities and errors in the code and application functionalities.


Multiple Techniques

To evaluate the security of mobile applications, our strategy incorporates several techniques, including static analysis, code review, and penetration testing.


Specialized Knowledge

Kratikal provides specialized knowledge in mobile application testing to successfully address changing security concerns in light of more complex cyber-attacks.


Static Analysis and Code Review

To find potential flaws, coding mistakes, and security holes in the mobile application, we do static analysis and code review.


Practical Insight Reports

Our comprehensive reports offer practical insights by alerting security flaws and providing useful suggestions and corrective strategies.

Kratikal is a CERT-In Empanelled Security Auditor

Kratikal’s Awards and Recognition

Recognized by DSCI NASSCOM Product Conclave in the year 2017

Accoladed as Top 6 companies in National Product Conclave 2018, NPC, Bangalore

Kratikal awarded amongst Top-3 Cyber Security startups at 11th 100 CISO platform, 2019

Recognized for Excellence in Security Technology Implementation Award at IFSEC India Awards, 2019

Kratikal Awarded as the Top Cybersecurity Startup Award 2020 at 12th Top 100 CISO Awards

Kratikal became a CERT-In Empanelled Security Auditor in 2021

Kratikal's Comprehensive Testing Strategies

We are aware of how critical mobile app testing is for businesses like yours to maintain the highest level of security and an outstanding user experience.


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Why is mobile application testing important?

    Mobile application testing is necessary to make sure they work properly across several types of networks, platforms, and devices. By assisting in the identification of flaws, usability errors, security risks, and compatibility problems, it seeks to deliver an outstanding user experience.

    The app's complexity, the number of features, the testing scope, and the selected testing methodologies are some of the variables that affect the time it takes to test a mobile app. After analyzing the particular business requirements, we may provide an anticipated time frame.

    Following the completion of the mobile app testing, Kratikal provides comprehensive test results that include bug reports, test coverage analysis, performance metrics, and improvement recommendations. Our experts will also offer assistance and consulting to businesses to help them become accredited.

    Mobile Application Testing is an essential element of VAPT or Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. It focuses on evaluating and analyzing the security of mobile applications. The main purpose is to identify potential security threats, which involves systematically identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in the configuration, architecture, and code of the application.