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Healthcare is not only one of the most important industries in the world, but also a major recipient of cyber attacks. The industry is especially targeted by cybercriminals due to its wealth of valuable sensitive data. This data, when sold on the black market, fetches ten times more the price of any other data. Therefore, it is essential to employ reliable cyber security measures in the healthcare industry to mitigate security risks.

Healthcare Cyber Security: An Introduction

Among the regularly evolving cyber security threats, the Healthcare industry’s ability to protect patient data remains questionable. With the outdated technology used in hospitals, the unprepared hospital personnel, and easy to tamper IoT medical devices, the healthcare industry makes an easy target for cybercriminals. These attacks can not only disrupt the IT framework of the healthcare sector, they can also pose a severe threat to a patient’s life. The healthcare industry faces many cyber threats, such as –


A ransomware attack encrypts valuable data and demands a ‘ransome’ for the decryption key.

Insider Threats

Since insiders have access to an organization’s resources, they can easily exploit them.


Botnets bombard a server with traffic requests to extract data, or infect websites with malware.

Advantages of Medical Device VAPT (Security) Testing

Kratikal’s Medical Devices VAPT testing bears countless benefits, such as

  • Identification of vulnerabilities and a complete threat assessment.

  • Improved security controls and enhanced security features.

  • Alleviated cryptographic attacks or unauthorized access.

  • Packet analysis and implementation of suitable protocols.

  • Upgraded security and auditing reports of the medical organizations.

Security Testing Methodology

There is a carefully designed process for our medical device security assessment and penetration testing. Following are the steps involved to assess the security of these devices.

Kratikal is a CERT-In Empanelled Security Auditor

Why Us?

Kratikal is one of the leading cyber security companies renowned for providing state-of-the-art Healthcare Cyber Security. As a CERT-In empanelled company, we aim to rescue organizations from horrifying cyber threats by providing end-to-end cyber security services. Our focus on maintaining the People-Process-Technology triad has enabled us to accommodate our clients with impenetrable security across the world. Kratikal provides a complete suite of manual and automated VAPT security testing services, like Web & Mobile Application Testing, Network Penetration Testing, Cloud Security Testing, Medical Device Security Testing, as well as, security auditing for compliances, such as, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC2, HIPAA, and many more. Following the industry’s best Security Standards, like OWASP10, SANS25, CERT-In, Kratikal has tested 1000+ Applications and detected 10000+ Vulnerabilities. With a week of 1000+ testing experience, Kratikal has tested and delivered over 15000 IT Infrastructure Devices.

why Us

Industry's Best Security

Industry's Best Security Standards

Kratikal's security experts practice the industry's
best security standards.




NIST SP800-115


CIS Benchmark

Benefits of Healthcare Cyber Security

Better healthcare cyber security can prove to be beneficial for hospitals for various reasons-

  • IData Privacy Protection

    When dealing with patient data, hospitals need to adhere to strict privacy regulations.

  • Reduced Medical Errors

    Proper cyber security measures ensure error-free state of their

  • Speedy Patient Care

    Better healthcare security ensures proper and faster medical

  • Secure Medical Device Operation

    Improved healthcare cybersecurity alleviates the risk of endpoint exploitation.

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