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About the FINSEC CONCLAVE 2024

About Gisec

DSCI's FINSEC Conclave 2024 is going to tackle the evolving security threats in the financial sector. The sixth edition of Finsec 2024 year's event focuses on the trends impacting the BFSI sector's future security and privacy strategy. Experts will share insights to help organizations stay ahead of hackers who constantly improve their attack methods.

About Kratikal


Kratikal is a leading cybersecurity firm that provides cutting-edge security solutions to protect enterprises, mid-scale, and large-scale businesses from cyber attacks. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including  Regulatory Compliance, for instance, RBI Compliance Audit, SEBI Compliance, CERT-In security Audit, SAR Compliance Audit, and Standard Compliance like ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance, SOC 2 Compliance, GDPR Compliance, PCI DSS Compliance. Kratikal has been active in the development and use of information security management systems since the industry standards were adopted. We provide cybersecurity services and assist in strengthening the cybersecurity posture of your business.


AutoSecT: Powered by Kratikal


Kratikal empowers businesses with premium cybersecurity services, having served a reputed clientele over the past 12+ years. AutoSecT, an advanced pentesting tool, takes a holistic approach to manage vulnerabilities in your web, mobile, and cloud applications, going beyond mere identification. Conducting continuous, automated, and authenticated scanning, it offers the ultimate vulnerability management solution for securing your organization's digital assets. By implementing AutoSecT, you can establish a collaborative workflow within a comprehensive workspace, saving time and enhancing productivity and teamwork.

With several innovative and user-centric features, AutoSecT serves as an efficient and adaptable pentest tool for several business industries.


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Here's what Kratikal aims to achieve at FINSEC 2024

Engage with Industry Leaders

Engage with Industry Leaders

Network and collaborate with prominent figures in cybersecurity with their focus on the BFSI sector, to gain valuable insights and shape the future of the industry.
Prosper in Business

Prosper in Business

Elevate your venture to new heights with the backing of a prestigious network.
Explore Cutting-Edge Solutions

Explore Cutting-Edge Solutions

Discover the cybersecurity services with cutting-edge detection, prevention and response solutions to stay one step ahead of hackers.
Build Strategic Partnerships

Build Strategic Partnerships

Forge valuable connections with security experts and businesses to strengthen our collective defense against cyber attacks in the Financial Sector.

Why You Should Attend DSCI’s FINSEC 2024?

Network with Industry Leaders

Connect with CISOs, policymakers, and security experts at FINSEC 2024 to shape the future of BFSI cybersecurity

Explore the best practices, emerging technologies, and changes crucial for the secure functioning of financial institutions

Discover innovative cybersecurity products and services from industry leaders to stay one step ahead of hackers

Learn about the latest cybersecurity threats and solutions specifically impacting the BFSI sector

Join the gathering of industry leaders and level up BFSI Security at FINSEC.

Join us @FINSEC2024 and make cybersecurity a top priority!


Who should attend FINSEC 2024?

    DSCI’s FINSEC 2024 gathers professionals across the BFSI industry to promote cybersecurity. It's ideal for CISOs, security leaders, regulators, and anyone who is invested in the secure future of cybersecurity for the fintech industry.

    Kratikal at DSCI’s FINSEC 2024 aims to connect with industry leaders, showcase their services, and build partnerships to advance security for the financiaI sector.