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Season 2

The Security Buffs

Are you secure for sure?

Season 2

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Season 2, Episode 4

Leading the Time Curve: Cyber Security's Advanced Edge

Mr. Sachin Kawalkar, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Neeyamo, shares insightful advice on how to proactively implement cybersecurity measures in the present, well in advance, to keep a competitive edge in your industry. He emphasizes the ongoing risk escalation by drawing a comparison between cybersecurity and the dynamics between law enforcement and cyber attackers.

Mr. Sachin Kawalkar

Speaker - Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Neeyamo

The Security Buffs is a cutting-edge platform for topic-specific digital discussions with leaders and experts in the field of cyber security. It allows spectators to immerse themselves in a discussion about the most recent trends in cyber security and gain knowledgeable insight into various security measures and emerging cyber threats faced by various industries.


The Expanding Cyber Security domain leaves much to explore.

  • The focus is on how the increase in cyber criminal activities puts the organization at risk.

  • Measures that can be implemented to safeguard the people, process, technology against cyber threats.

  • Leveraging the services and technology to upgrade the organization's IT Infrastructure.

  • To become knowledgeable about the state of art techniques for handling current security risks.

  • Focus on improving resilience through efficient planning, detection, and response.