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Corporate Cyber Security

One of the biggest challenges for any industry in the corporate world is to deal with the increasing number of cyber-attacks. Global cybercrime is predicted to cross $2.1 trillion in the year 2019. Therefore, it is extremely necessary that the corporate sector instills practice for ensuring their cyber security regardless of the size of an organization. With an ever-increasing change in cyber security landscape, corporate cyber security has become mandatory. Implementation of corporate cyber security will not only minimize the risks of data breaches but will also improve a firm’s mean-time to respond to an attack.

Companies thus in cyber security domain are among the most important partners you will be working with, no matter how large or small your organization is. Cyber security companies are the ones that provide corporate cyber security and also help the corporate world in addressing new compliance and regulatory requirements. It has been some time since we have been talking about corporate cyber security. What exactly do we mean by it? Corporate cyber security refers to the techniques that ensure that the data, program, computer and network is secured from the unauthorized access and exploitation.

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Why Us ?

Kratikal is one of the most trusted cyber security companies for corporates that require services for ensuring the safety of their business, brands and dignity from mind boggling cyber-attacks. We have a team of experts that have the capability and expertise to provide the best and the latest cyber security solutions to our clients. Our focus on securing the People-Process-Technology triad has been the reason that we have been able to offer impenetrable security to our clients all across the world. Kratikal provides a complete suite of manual as well as automated managed security services. We offer a high degree of customization for corporate cyber security depending upon the business logic with a focus on an optimum combination of manual as well as automation testing.

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Why Us ?

We use our own scripts while performing manual testing against all vulnerabilities. For best results, we use industries benchmark tools. Re-testing is performed after organization patches the vulnerabilities. We practice Industries Best Security Standards like SANS25, OSSTM, OWASP 10, FedRAMP, NIST SP800-115, PTES. We also provide proactive reporting on critical vulnerabilities affecting security of the organization. Our capable and talented pen testers have tested more than 500 applications and 5000 IT infrastructures ranging from NBFC, Telecom, E-commerce, BFSI, Fintech, Cloud Service Platforms, Manufacturing, Consumer Internet, Healthcare and more. Kratikal also offers security compliances.

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Kratikal provides a complete suite of Customizable Security Auditing Services.

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Kratikal provides a complete suite of mannual and automated security testing services

Security Testing Methodology

We perform a comprehensive five steps approach followed by complete patching(by client) and through re-testing in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing



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