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Webinar DPDP Bill

Get the insights on the DPDP Bill 2022 :
A webinar to keep you informed
and prepared

Get the insights on the DPDP Bill 2022 : A webinar to keep you informed and prepared

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Webinar time

Monday,4thJan 2023 @3.30 PM IST


Protection of Personal Data in India

About The Webinar

The DPDP Bill 2022 webinar is a virtual event designed to provide information and insights on the latest developments in the field of data privacy and protection. The webinar will feature a speaker who will discuss the key provisions of the DPDP Bill 2022 and its implications for businesses and individuals.

The Key Points of Discussion -

Exploring the impacts and implications of the proposed digital privacy and data protection legislation

  • Introduction to the Draft Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 and its purpose

  • Scope of the bill

  • Key definition and terms used in the bill

  • Rights of data subjects

  • Cross-border data transfer

  • Enforcement and penalties for non-compliance

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Compliance Team

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who is it

Who is it for ?

The DPDP Bill webinar is likely intended for individuals or organizations interested in learning more about the Digital Privacy and Data Protection Bill, which may include:

  • Legal professionals

  • Business owners

  • Information Security Professionals

  • IT professionals

  • Consumers or Indiviuals

  • Non-profit organizations

who is it

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